Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

AEG, as part of Aireko, can count on the experience and resources of over 1000 multidisciplinary expert managers, supervisors, technicians and tradespeople in the construction management, energy services performance contracting, boiler room and chiller room maintenance/operation, building automation (proprietary or open source), renewable energy installation/operation, electromechanical installations/maintenance, building utility Water Treatment to provide reliable self perform 24/7 integrated building systems troubleshooting as well as guaranteed life-cycle engineered solutions with leading equipment vendors and technologies.

Each assignment is approached as a partnership, not a transaction. The key for our successful growth in is the ability to focus on our clients’ best long-term interests and our flexibility to perform as clients best see fit. We contribute to our clients’ success providing thoughtful guaranteed solutions to your facility needs, without surprises or accidents.