Aireko Energy Group (AEG) is a fully licensed and bonded design/build electrical contractor.

With over 30 years of construction and more than 2,500 projects under its tool belt, AEG has experience in every type of electrical project imaginable, from hospitality buildings to heavy industrial power plants.

Whether installing the electrical distribution system in a commercial building or building a sub-station, AEG’s professional teams execute with Total Compliance to complete every project with excellence.

Categories we cover:

  • Electrical distribution systems (up to 69 kV)
  • Lighting system (normal and emergency schemes)
  • Generation systems
  • Substations (up to 69 kV)
  • Standards and dedicated power circuits (up to 69 kV)
  • UPS systems
  • Electrical cable management (up to 69 KV)
  • Commissioning and acceptance test
  • Retrofits
  • Power equipment integrations
  • Repairs and maintenance